Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Candied Walnut, Apple and Gruyere Salad

Perfect for fall, perfect for the holidays!

serves 8 ( 5 points + )

  • ⅓ c. sugar
  • ⅓ c. chopped walnuts, toasted
  • ¼ tsp. sea salt
  • 2 T. white balsamic vinegar
  • 1-½ tsp Dijon mustard
  • 1 tsp. honey
  • 3 T. olive oil
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 med-large apple, thinly sliced
  • 2 oz. Gruyere cheese, cubed small
  • 12 c. mixed greens

For candied walnuts, place sugar in a small, heavy saucepan over med-high heat. Cook until sugar dissolves, stirring gently as needed to dissolve sugar evenly. Once the sugar starts to melt, do NOT stir. Let sugar melt completely until golden. Do not over-cook. Remove from heat and quickly stir in the walnuts.
Place walnuts on a baking sheet lined with wax paper, separating as much as possible. Sprinkle with sea salt. Cool completely and break into pieces.

For dressing, whisk together balsamic, olive oil, Dijon, honey, salt and pepper.

Place greens in a large bowl. Add chopped apples and Gruyere cheese. Sprinkle with walnuts, drizzle with dressing and toss to coat.

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