Sunday, February 20, 2011

Savory Crescent Chicken Squares

showing the filling on the inside

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another family recipe, adapted. Even though these are higher in points, you can add a salad and green beans for no additional points to make a filling meal.
serves 12 ( 9 points + )

6 oz. reduced fat cream cheese, softened
6 T. light stick butter, melted and divided
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts ( about 4 c. cooked), cooked and chopped
salt and pepper
4 T. skim milk
3 T. chopped onion
3 ( 8 oz) packages reduced fat crescent roll dough
½ c. seasoned croutons , crushed

Heat oven to 350.
In a mixing bowl, blend cream cheese until smooth. Add 4 T. melted butter, salt, pepper, milk and chicken. Mix until combined.
Unroll each package of crescent roll dough into 4 rectangles. Press seams together. Spoon equal amounts of chicken mixture into the center of each rectangle. Fold up the four corners and twist to seal. Brush with remaining 2 T. melted butter and sprinkle with crushed croutons. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until golden.


  1. Made it tonight. Super yummy!! I didn't feel like cooking chicken breasts so I used all the meat from a rotisserie chicken. Ended up being 8PP for 1 serving. Made 12 servings.

  2. Sounds good. Now I just have to figure out the pair it down so I only have maybe 4 to 6 servings at most.


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