Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ham and Potato Chowder

This creamy soup is perfect for a February afternoon!

serves 12 ( 1-¼ c. = 4 points + )

  • 4 T. light stick butter
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 2 celery stalks, chopped
  • ½ c. flour
  • 4 c. cooked cubed Yukon Gold potatoes
  • 4 c. fat-free chicken broth
  • 3 c. skim milk
  • 2 c. cooked cubed lean ham
  • 1 c. fat-free sour cream ( I like Breakstone's)
  • ¼ c. chopped green onion
  • salt, pepper and dried thyme to taste
  • 1-½ c. low-fat shredded cheddar cheese
In a Dutch oven or large pot, melt butter. Add onion and celery and cook until onion is tender. Whisk in flour. Gradually add chicken broth, whisking to make mixture smooth. Gradually add milk, continuing to whisk. Cook until mixture begins to thicken. Add potatoes, cooking until mixture thickens more. Add ham and heat through. Add sour cream, stirring until blended. Add green onions, salt, pepper and thyme.
Ladle soup into bowls and top each serving with 2 T. shredded cheddar cheese.


  1. This looks like a GREAT (and healthy) way to use up leftover ham. I'll try this very soon.

    -- Colleen @ The Taste Place

  2. I made this recipe a few weeks ago with Russets. I used light sour cream instead of fat free. This was delicious and so satisfying! Thanks.


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